KOTEZ & YANCY プロフィール

1999年、日比谷野音における日本で最大級のFES、JAPAN BLUES CARNIVALに彗星のごとく登場し、たった二人で満員の会場をわかせ、デビューした二人組。
BLUES、JAZZなどのジャンルを飛び越えマニアックな音楽のイメージが強かったBLUESの世界にNEO BLUESとして新しい風をもたらせた。
ルーツミュージックのフィールドではオーティス ラッシュやバディ・ガイと共演し、ドクター・ジョンやオル・ダラのオープニング・アクトをつとめている。
現在までにハービー山口のミュージック・タイドやJーWAVEでの生ライブ、NHK FMの公開ライブ番組などにも登場した。またマクドナルドのCM音楽なども手掛けている。


KOTEZ & YANCY made a meteoric rise and made an exciting show performed just by two musicians at JAPAN BLUES CARNIVAL, one of the biggest open-air music festivals in Japan in 1999.
Even though blues tends to be considered not for everybody, they made it a new genre for broader audience, NEO BLUES.
They performed with big names such as Otis Lush and Buddy Guy. Also played the opening set for Dr. John and Olu Dara. They have been playing an active role in Japanese music and played with a number of Japanese musicians.
Three albums of theirs have been released so far.
In their album "221" released in 2007, you can hear their own unique sound which is dynamic and sensitive at the same time.
They have been introduced as special guests at Harbie s for Mc Donald.
It is hard to believe that only two musicians can create such a funky and aggressive as well as jazzy and mellow sound. Their unique style of musicianship has been attracting a lot of music fans.